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creative commercial photographer

I am a versatile and dynamic professional with a natural flair for creativity. I have just finished my position of E-commerce Photographer at Blend Studios, which is my first full-time postgraduate job having completed my BA in Photography with First Class Honours at the University of the West of England last year. Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in fashion, still life, and e-commerce photography and in my own practice, I have delved into other photographic discourses, such as documentary and narrative styles, to create captivating and compelling imagery. My passion lies in conceptualizing and executing elaborate photoshoots and set designs, infusing them with vibrant colours and a surrealistic touch, which forms the distinctive aesthetic of my work. I can effectively balance work priorities consistently to high standards and meet client demands. An innovator who loves to make things happen, always looking for new opportunities to create a difference ahead of the curve.




For any further enquires and to see my e-commerce and property portfolio please contact me via the following

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